Hi everyone! This is repository #4 for all my completed works, in chronological order.

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SCP Author Page (2013-2022, Retired)

Envirosuits & Doobies - "After being exiled from known space following a disastrous failed colonization attempt, the Migrant Fleet makes First Contact with Earth in 1968. Chaos ensues. AU Historical First Contact, Humans/Quarians." My ONLY novel. 2019-2022


Death Note: Progressive Edition - "Stephanie Wong is a 29 year old American leftist who is given the Death Note shortly after the fall of Roe v. Wade. Three guesses on what happens next and the first two don't count. AU. Please see the EXTRA for an explanation on why this and TSOMG were taken down"

Vengeance of the Suit Rat (COMMENTARY) - "On an ordinary day in the Migrant Fleet in 2182, a quarian picks up the Death Note. Nothing good happens for anyone outside the Migrant Fleet. AU."

The Last of Us: Rebirth - "Shortly after joining the Fireflies in 2020, Tommy Miller is given the Death Note. He quickly gives it to Marlene, who does about what you'd expect with it. AU."

A Meeting in the Multiuniversal Afterlife - Sarah meets with the Quarian Death God and gives him a thorough dressing down. A Multiuniversal Afterlife story. [One-Shot]

Joshua and Sarah's Joint - Sarah gets sick of her killer apologizing constantly, and finally decides to just have a joint with him. A Multiuniversal Afterlife story. [One-Shot]

The Courier God - After finding the Death Note in her Tops hotel room, Gabriela Lopez the Courier quickly turns the tables on Mr. House, but decides to keep him as her right-hand man while she conquers the world - and eventually the stars. AU.

The Lone Wanderer's Vision - Shortly after exiting Vault 101 in 2227, Mary Wu the Lone Wanderer picks up the Death Note on the Scenic Overlook. With her trusty sidekick Gelus, she fulfills her dad's vision and triumphs over the apocalypse. AU.

They Blinded Me With Science! - On an ordinary day on Sur'Kesh in 2182, the Death Note falls into an Inner Cabinet meeting. The Salarian Union uses it to conquer the galaxy in the name of science! GLORIOUS SCIENCE! Meanwhile, a bored Zellogi drinks and does drugs. AU.

The Rebel Alliance's Death Note (LEGENDS) - "hortly after the founding of the Rebel Alliance, Leia Organa picks up a Death Note. With her companion Rem, she triumphs over the Empire and her descendants eventually make friends in a galaxy far, far away. AU, Death Note/Mass Effect/Star Wars. [LEGENDS - Force Unleashed (2008)]

- One-Shots

In Defense Of Death Note (2017) - Stay mad!

Cordyceps and Nazis [NON-DN] - On a not-so-ordinary day at the Wannsee Conference in 1942, a portal to the world of The Last of Us opens. Nothing good happens for the Nazis - or anyone else, really. AU, to drive home that I don't dislike Jewish people.

Rational Planning (LEGENDS) - On an ordinary day on Rannoch in 2177, a geth unit picks up the Death Note. A more rational galaxy emerges from the Collective. AU, Death Note/Mass Effect/Star Wars. NOTE: It is recommended you read The Rebel Alliance's Death Note before reading this for context.

Death Note (2017): Rewrite - A rewrite of the 2017 movie to make it less stupid. Plot divergences during the diner confrontation between L and Light.

Dawn of the Wolves - On an ordinary day in the Stadium in 2037, Abby picks up the Death Note. She quickly gives it to Isaac, and becomes his right-hand woman as they reclaim America under the banner of the WLF - at first. AU.


May She Guide You - On an ordinary day in Haven in 2037, Yara picks up the Death Note. She quickly gives it to her mother, and the world is remade in Her image. AU - darker than DOTW.

Galactic Atlas - A story of the Cycles, told forwards and backwards. AU [No Shepard]


The Administration of FEDRA - On an ordinary day in Baltimore in 2017, a FEDRA lieutenant picks up the Death Note. Unpleasant things happen. [AU, Death Note/Last of Us/Mass Effect, using the setting of Dirt/The Weary Kind without directly using OCs]

Outbreak Day Self-Insert - A self-insert following my journey during the cordyceps outbreak, beginning with my survival of an outbreak at UC Davis in September 2013. AU.

Life on Earth - On an ordinary day on the Citadel in 1978, Delen S'Leya finds herself transported to Earth disguised as a human! An unusual journey lies ahead for her. AU.


Assassin's Creed: Immortality - Altaïr's fight against Al Mualim grants him immortality. He uses this gift to lead the Assassins from the shadows over the centuries, and eventually is joined by Ezio. AU, based on the 2009-11 fanfic Above the Serpentine.

Empire of Dirt - On an ordinary day in the Pitt in 2277, Ishmael Ashur picks up the Death Note. A dark world emerges from his ruthless utilitarian vision. AU.

Veni, Vidi, Vici - Not available on-site.

A Big Empty World - An adaptation of the cut ending for Old World Blues.

Fracture: Reunification Under The Atlantic - Crossing Death Note over with a VERY obscure 2008 video game.

The Promise of the Hand - Shortly after his escape from the Mantel Corporation, Gabriel "Skin Coat" Merino is given the Death Note. He uses it to free humanity from its unwilling addiction. AU.

Fracture: Reunification Under The Pacific - Ditto.

General Shepherd's Death Note - Shortly before being killed by Price, General Shepherd picks up the Death Note. He uses it to conquer the world for America, FUCK YEAH! AU, Death Note/Call of Duty.

Station Thessaly - After a terrible terrorist attack forces the isolation and abandonment of the asari homeworld, the survivors devolve into a more primitive society - but never lose their culture. One-shot - A Mass Effect adaptation of Station Eleven.

A Meeting of the Joels - Two different Joels from two different realities meet and have a beer together. A Multiuniversal Afterlife story.

Overlooking Ilos - The story of how the Reapers overlooked Ilos.

A Passionate Intensity - On an ordinary day on Khar'shan in 2182, a Hegemony leader picks up the Death Note. Yeah, it's not pleasant. AU.

12 Protheans - Javik is born centuries earlier, and is preserved on Ilos alongside the Prothean scientists. After perfecting time travel, they send him back in time to undo extinction - all while he is haunted by a recurring dream. Based on La Jetee and 12 Monkeys.


The Senator From Moscow - The story of United States Senator turned Soviet spy Arnold Glasser.


In Defense of Death Note (2017) - See above

Why I Am A Californian Nationalist

The Council of Six